Created by Austin Hough

A group of villains inspired by master artists of the 20th century prove worthy opponents for some of history's favorite super heroes!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Update on Autographed Copies of Issue #1
5 months ago – Tue, Jan 17, 2023 at 04:48:35 AM

This being our first endeavor into the comic book Kickstarter Universe, we have experienced some growing pains.  And, one of them is through offering autographed copies of our books.  

This has not been without logistical issues, but backers who ordered them should have them all in your hands within the next couple of weeks.  Here is one from Masters Issue 1 cover artist Steven Butler.

I hope you all feel it has been worth the wait :)

The Masters Kickstarter has just passed $12,000...only 8 hours to go!!!!
6 months ago – Thu, Dec 15, 2022 at 06:12:32 PM

The Masters Kickstarter 2 is LIVE plus some housekeeping stuff...
6 months ago – Mon, Dec 05, 2022 at 11:13:31 AM

(Forgive me if you are getting this message more than once, but  I want to make sure everybody gets it so I am dotting my I's and  crossing my T's)

Hello Masters Issue 1 Kickstarter Backers!!!  I have some important updates for you all...

First and foremost, The Masters Issues 2 AND 3 Kickstarter is LIVE and it is here: and both Issues should be completed and ready to go to the printer by December 15th, the end of the Kickstarter!  WOO-HOO!

Lots and lots of goodies there, so pick up Issues 2 and 3 along with  new posters, new action figures, new collectibles, new original art and  MORE!

Oh yeah! And, if you missed something from the first Kickstarter,  you'll have a second chance in this Kickstarter because it's ALL there  again for you!!!

Second, can you pretty please with sugar on top add [email protected] AND [email protected] to your safe senders list.  I have had a number of people tell me our  emails have landed in their spam folders and we don't want any of that.  :)

Third, those who backed the action figures from Kickstarter 1, please  know we are working hard to get these in your hands as soon as humanly  possible.  We have been struck by that old syndrome: whatever can  happen, will happen.  They have been the victim of everything from  supply chain shortages to serious health problems suffered by one of the  customizers and everything in between.  Trust we WILL get these to you  as soon as we can.  You have MY WORD!  We appreciate your patience and  understanding.

Fourth, we fumbled the ball on the autographed comic books on  Kickstarter 1 and will be getting those to you shortly.  I was warned  they would be a logistical nightmare and they are.  But, I wanted to  offer them to you so we are finding a way.  Again, thank you for your  patience and understanding.

Fifth, if there is anything I am missing here in this update or something you need to address with us, please email me at [email protected].  And, if it is an emergency or priority, please type that in the subject line and we will get on it ASAP!

Again, THANK YOU ALL  for backing The Masters!

Austin Hough
Power Comics, Inc.
[email protected]

The Masters 2 & 3 Stretch Goals!
6 months ago – Tue, Nov 29, 2022 at 06:30:50 PM

Over on the latest campaign for The Masters, we have reached our first stretch goal and have unlocked the T-shirts for our heroes, Airman, Arrow, Black Owl and Plymo! They are $30 each and available as add-ons.

Our next stretch goal is at $7500 and when we HIT that goal, everyone who backed for a physical reward will get ONE random Hero button!

HELP US get there by pledging or sharing the campaign on your socials.


Darrin (on behalf of Austin Hough)

The MASTERS Issues 2&3 Kickstarter is LIVE!
6 months ago – Wed, Nov 23, 2022 at 11:52:22 AM

We are excited to announce we are LIVE with our second campaign!

This campaign combines Issues 2 and 3 to move us closer to the goal of finishing ALL five issues by year’s end.

We have quite the line-up of talent for our two issues that will introduce our hero–The Black Owl.

In Issue Two, Black Owl first embarks on a solo mission to battle some classic monsters of the Golden Age of comics before teaming up with Arrow to chase down master thief Sir Real Ordeal! Brought to you by Austin Hough, Tom Morgan, Bob Almond, Greg LaRocque, and Joe Rubinstein with colors by Robb Epps and David Ocampo. Cover colors by Mort Todd.

Continuing in the classic Brave and the Bold-style, in Issue Three, Black Owl teams up with Airman to battle The Clerk in chapter one, while teaming up with Plymo the Rubber Man in chapter two to stop the slippery Graffiti. Brought to you by Ron Wilson, Joe Rubinstein, Mike Gustovich, Alex Saviuk and Al Milgrom with colors by Mort Todd.

In addition to pledging for the comics, we are offering many amazing add-ons. The most exciting is the art rewards levels featuring original art from Steven Butler, Bart Sears, Ron Wilson, Mike Grell, Ramona Fradon and many more! The best part is each art reward level gets you ALL covers for issue 2 and 3, plus a print of the artwork.

And, don't forget the Tom Morgan jigsaw puzzle or the Ben Cooper-style Halloween mask or the next set of action figures or all of the stretch goal goodies.

Not to mention if you missed any of the issues, add-ons, or rewards from the first Kickstarter, you have another chance to get them all again right here!

You can even back the ALL-IN package if you missed it the first go-round and get everything, including all the stuff you missed in Kickstarter #1. ;)

We are confident this will be our biggest campaign yet!

With appreciation and gratitude,

Austin Hough